NEW opening times

easyFoodstore Opening Times 2016

easyFoodstore Park Royal is now open Monday to Friday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm excluding Bank Holidays. The change now gives shoppers convenient weekday times to make great savings on purchases. Especially with the new addition of a customer car park, all products in store now selling for only 25p and a number of items included …

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Free customer parking

easyFoodstore Car Park

easyFoodstore Park Royal now offers free parking at the back of the building for customers of the store. You can now make even greater savings by stocking up on more items currently selling for only 25p.

Free promotional gifts to those outside the easyFoodstore

easyFoodstore customers waiting in line outside of the new Park Royal store can now receive a selection of promotional Items. Branded items such as rulers, wallets and coffee mugs are being handed out promoting and its family of brands.

Store now open

Store now open 2016

The store is now open again (today Friday 5th of February 16) and trading business as usual with long lines of customers queuing outside.